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Online Driving Schools

In recent years, educational trends have advanced to rely on technology to break down the walls of the traditional “brick and mortar” classrooms and schools. Driver education is no exception. To combat decreasing budgets and increasing demands to properly educate our nation’s teens in proper driving education, many states are rapidly adopting or gravitating toward the online delivery.




How Does Online Driving Course works?

Currently, every state has its own procedure for licensing as well as the requirements for teen drivers; although, Graduated License is the only similarity among those. The basic thread of consistency between the states is the states that require some type additional driving education for teens under the age of 18 to receive a permit or license. A fewer number of those states are beginning to allow kids the opportunity to complete some or all of that requirement through an approved school that offers the class work phase of the course virtually or online. Students would register and complete an approved curriculum and receive a verification or certificate of some kind demonstrating a certain competency or completion of the requirements. That form would be accepted by the state’s driver licensing agency.


Graduated Driver License (GDL) What is Graduated Licences?

"All states and the District of Columbia have a 3-stage GDL system, states the National Highway Transportation Safety Administration- NHTSA. Leaders in the national teen driver education area have developed standards for the states to implement. Additionally, studies indicate a substantial decrease in crashes for the 16 – 17-year old age group of almost 20 to 50%.


How soon can I start an Online driver education?

Immediately--Is the short answer for this question for our course! Companies offering online courses vary in their requirements for registration and beginning the course of study. We highly recommend that you research driver education schools, online courses, or websites offering their services. Unfortunately, there are many online website that offer services, information, or even a driver education/training and are not licensed or approved by the states licensing agency.


What is the age limit to start drivers education?

Drivers under the age of 18 are usually required to complete some type of driver education or training course. The age at which this is required varies due to the age limits set by the individual state. Normally this is dictated by the minimum age at which the state allows for permits or licenses.


Do I get an insurance discount for completing a Online driver education Program?

Our finds are that many insurance companies did not recognize online driver education or training initially, several in recent year are beginning to accepting this education for discounts. Insurance companies base their premiums on statistics. As these statistics begin to tell a story, we project online programs will gain in recognition and popularity to aid states in the requirement of driver education and tremendously help decrease of teen crashes.


Do I need to complete an approved driver education course to get my learner’s permit??

In most cases, the answer to this question is YES! Because of Graduated License, most all states required type of additional training. Check with you state to find an approved school.